Battery Protector Model  BPD2 

     Overheat protection for higher power
      rechargeable battery pack such as higher
      power Li-ion battery pack (for Notebook type
      of PC), Ni-MH battery pack (for power tools)
Function & Features
      - High ultimate trip current and small @@@
         resistance between terminals
      - Suitable for High Capacity Li-ion Battery
Dimensions Dimensions


      -  Shunted and snap action bimetallic
@ @ @
Rated Current 6A 18V DC 6,000 cycles
(Reference Value)
Temperature Range 70J to 100J
Resetting temperature 46J or higher
Temp. Tolerance 5J
Maximum cut-out current
DC12V 120A
Ultimate trip current 16.5A (Operating temp.80J,
 Ambient temp.25J)
Listed Ratings
UL873: Regulating 10A 18V DC
              6,000 cycles res. 100J max.
              (File No. E50124).
CSA C22.2 No.24(c-UL): 10A 18V DC
              6,000 cycles res. 100C max.
              (File No. E50124).
EN60730-2-9: Thermal cut-out 10A 18V DC
                        6,000 cycles res. 100J max.
                        (File No. 8921.00-4510-0034)
   Terminals and Leads
@    BPC: Without wire lead @
   BPC1 : Uninsulated solid wires
   BPC2 : Stranded insulated wires
   BPC3 : Nickel ribbons



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